How to Setup a Friends of hue Smart switch

How to setup the Retrotouch Friends of Hue switch

This is a step by step on how to set up the Retrotouch Hue switch with a Philips Hub. 

1. Once connected to your network with the Hue Hub it will say connected. Once, you have connected it will find any lamp on your network. 

2. Once a room has been set up with the selected lamps it will ask you to add an accessory select the Friends of Hue switch. 

3. Once selected it will give you a list of providers, within that list, you will find Retrotouch. Please note 'Retrotouch' may not be listed in the app as we are waiting for Philips to update their APP and add us to the list. In the meantime, you can select any other switch brand and follow the instructions, we recommend the last one on the list. 

4. It will then take you to a setup page, just follow the on-screen instructions and your Retrotouch switch will be linked. 

If you need any further help you can contact our support team at or you can visit our support page here